7 Seconds: The History Behind the Name

7 Seconds: The History Behind the Name

A Brief Historical Background On Legendary Punk Band 7 Seconds
7 Seconds is one of the most popular hardcore punk bands from Reno, Nevada of all time. The unique formation of the band was founded by two sets of different brothers. Kevin Seconds, Steve Youth and the Marvelli brothers formed the group in 1980. They are regarded as one of the most influential punks bands from the United States.

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The Hardcore Punk Scene in Reno Nevada

Reno is a well-known hot spot for the underground punk music scene. For decades, punk rock fans have flocked to the city on an annual basis to listen to their favorite small time groups play some great music. If you’re looking for a great place to listen to live punk music, check out the following venues:


Located in the downtown area, Eyeball is a punk music lover’s paradise.

This basement venue features well-known underground bands on a nightly basis. The cover charge is low and the drinks are cheap. Most people like this venue because of Read more…

Things You May Not Have Known About Bobby Adams

Because of Bobby Adams’ odd crossover, fans of either genres of his music”either punk or jazz”may not be aware of his musical life in the other genre. Currently, Adams plays with his long-time punk band, 7Seconds, but he also just cut a new smooth jazz album and can be found and heard playing in that genre just as often as he is playing punk, if not more.

How the Weather Channel Sparked Adams’ Jazz Changeover

While on tour with 7Seconds, Adams and the band frequently stayed in hotel rooms and would spend time flipping through cable channels looking Read more…

From Hardcore to Smooth Jazz: Bobby Adams

After 22 years of touring with the legendary punk group 7 seconds, guitarist Bobby Adams was finally able to take a break, catch his breath and devote himself to his first true love – smooth jazz. Those of you not entirely familiar with the guitarist might have been surprised but those of us who knew the man knew of his prowess and range. Simply put – give the man a guitar and he can make things happen.

For those of you hardcore types who may not be familiar with smooth jazz, allow me to ask you a question: have you ever ridden on an elevator or listened to the music on the weather channel? That melodic, cool and relaxing track you heard? That was smooth jazz. It’s a kind of moving and soulful genre that makes you forget all about the bills, car payments, ADT security or anything else pressing. And for those of you who think a hardcore guitarist like Bobby Adams can’t hack jazz and keep his edge, think again. Anyone who listens to his tracks immediately senses a kind of gravity that comes standard with the blues and the anguish of the genre’s predecessors. In other words, Adams brings an entirely different kind of hardcore to the mix, one of profound emotion prevalent in all his work – hardcore or smooth.

A Complete History of Troy Mowat

Troy Mowart was born December 31 1969, and has been the drummer for a hard core punk band from Reno called “7 seconds” since the eighties. The band members include Kevin Seconds (vocals), Steve Youth (bass), and Bobby Adams (guitar). The latest album released was entitled “Take it back, Take in On, Take it over” released in 2005. The band originally formed in 1979, but Mowart didn’t join until after a couple brothers left the band to create a label of their own in 1981.

Mowart is a passionate drummer being referenced to as an over-sized version of “Animal” Read more…

To Tell the Truth: Steve Youth

Steve Youth is the bass player for the band 7 Seconds and is also one of the original members of the hardcore punk band. He played his first show with 7 Seconds on March 2, 1980. The band became well known and released many albums. Youth and the band brought something new to the punk scene and so many people love their music. Youth and his band brought the hardcore genre to the music world. They created their own type of music Read more…

Learning All About the Great Kevin Seconds

Kevin Seconds (born March 24, 1961) currently resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife, Allyson, where he was born and raised, prior to moving to Reno, Nevada as a teen.

A man of many talents, the straight edge co-founder, leader, singer, and lyricist of 7 Seconds continues to share his talents through his side projects. Apart from his affiliations with other musicians and his own solo career, Kevin has shared his artwork with the world. He also owned True Love Coffeehouse with wife, Allyson Seconds, which was Read more…

7 Seconds in Heaven: Hardcore Punk at it’s Finest

7 Seconds in Heaven: Hardcore Punk at it’s Finest

7 Seconds is one of the oldest continuously active bands in hardcore, being part of the first wave of California punk in the 80′s (although from Reno, they relocated to Sacramento). They’ve consistently been touring and recording for three decades. Although they’ve dabbled in several rock genres, they are considered to be the first, or one of the first, bands to refer to themselves as hardcore. They’re also credited for Read more…